1 07 2008

Hi everyone,

This would be my official BLOOOGG ANNOUNCEMENT =) ….. after sleepless nights, of research about web hosting, domain registry, wordpress plugins and all about PHP and blogging… here i am launching my very first domain in the world wide web. YES! You are right! Yippee! Im excited to tell everyone that TechRONnati, is moving forward from free wordpress to its new self-hosted wordpress home portal with a new facade!!! To see the new look and feel please launch this LINK! This blog on wordpress however, will remain active as I mirror this site to the new one. I have lots and lots of stories to tell… So do check out everynow and then as i disclose the problems and triumphs i encounter before the new domain came into existence.

But for the meantime, let me grab this perfect time to thank everyone for their continued support …for helping me all the way, those who encourage me to blog, those who keep on visiting my personal blog and those newly-found friends i stumbled upon the world wide web who trusted this site. =)

I would love to hear from you so hit me back with a warm hello over my new home. Your suggestions, comments and ideas are most welcome. Saying “hi” won’t even hurt you either… so check me out. =)


SunTech Days @ Makati Shangrila Today!

18 06 2008

SunTech Days has finally arrived… at last!

After the long wait and sleepless nights of random thoughts… the chance to finally meet those technology evangelists and gurus behind the cutting-edge technologies including JavaFX, OpenSolaris, JRuby, MySQL database and GlassFish projects has finally arrived.

With a lot of spectators, technical gurus and java fanatics, the conference today became an exciting venue for technical exhibitions and collaboration. Everyone was obviously excited! I dont know the exact figure of java fanatics who actually came in the conference but i tell you… the overwhelming greetings, waves, and roars of the welcoming crowd during the keynote remarks of the speakers are enough to honestly describe how HOT Java Technology these days….just like no other!

Tim Boudreau, a Sun Evangelist, orchestrated the fresh new start on center stage as he warmly greeted everyone – students, mentors, java developers, media, and technology evangelists during the conference. Later on, he was followed by another technology guru, Mr. Sang Shin, who never fail to bring some comic fun during the presentation. And then right after him was Geertjan Wielenga, another known technology enthusiast who discussed NetBeans for Desktop Development. Oh, did i mention java perks?! I bet! A lot of avid eyes on midair as freebies galore the place. Everyone was sitting slightly higher an inch or two. Hahaha…. expecting!

As a welcome tribute to all the avid java developers and enthusiasts, today, the focus was more on the Net Beans IDE 6.0 Platform… their latest version of Netbeans published to date. And as usual, I have my notes and ballpen with me, jotting some highlights as they discussed the topics.

On the next couple of days, speakers would be talking about features of Ajax and Web 2.0-style frameworks and toolkits, examples of real-world solutions, demonstrations and hands-on training to help boost technical competencies and the skill sets of developers. Sun has added a new technology track dedicated to NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to be discussed on the succeeding days.

As they reitereated, there will be 2 Java development tracks sessions available…hmmm which do you think should i go to? What if i can go to both tracks? hehe

Now with so much topics to choose from… squeezing these topics for 2 days…whooahhh..  i think this is not enough! How i wish for an extension!

Anyhow… just looking forward! Till then.

Enjoying salary figures of IT Professionals

14 06 2008

I’ve been browsing the internet this afternoon when suddenly i decided to pay a visit to (which by the way, am a current subscriber) to hear about their latest gadgets and technology reviews. ZDNETASIA.COM, by the way, is a reliable online magazine specializing in technology reviews,gadgets and business. They span a dynamic array of topics from various sectors of technology and business, thus been diligently reading a lot about their postings. Anyway, while i was surfing around their pages, something caught my eye which directed me to this IT Salary Benchmark page featuring the update on the IT Salary Trends in Asia Pacific for 2007-2008. It was interesting! The results finally came. Just like me, I know there seemed to be a lot of the avid online readers out there who also wanted to know the salary benchmark if they are competitively compensated or not especially those working in the IT sector. You may not know but I actually participated in this survey sometime late last year of 2007 or early this year of 2008 (can’t barely remember) but in any case the results can be summarized as seen on the graph found below. 2007-2008

Just looking at the graph itself, you can actually see how fortunate are those IT Professionals coming from Hongkong and Singapore as they bagged the top 2 locations with the best paying jobs in the region. No wonder, the boosting economy of ASIA-Pacific and the driving force of information technology are what propelling their salary up the scale. (Now, this is really what’s keeping me motivated to work in Singapore and Hongkong. When the right price comes, who knows what could happen right? 8) ) Subsequently, in the Philippines, where i used to live, happen to move on to 6th place, just slightly higher than Indonesia… an improvement from last year’s standing which Philippines was situated on the last leg. Summarizing the overall comparison with the previous year’s figures 2006-2007 , we can see relatively higher salary digits across all countries and sectors which boasted the reputation today of a soaring Asia- Pacific Region. According to’ survey, “IT remains a desirable and interesting profession, and one that has much to offer its practitioners and those who employ them”. I couldnt help but agree as i am in this field. For those making into IT shift, see the demand for the respective IT roles and an encouraging salary figures below. Now your reflecting! =)

Average Annual Salary (US$) by Country and Job Function

Job Function


IT Mgmt

Project Mgmt

Systems Devt



Other IT Prof











































In the table above, notice the various figures and salary ranges for each IT role per country. Enjoying huge paychecks are those with IT Management and Project Management roles which have been the trend even from last year’s survey. Definitely there’s an A+ for IT Management skills as they are the much-sought-after and command the highest renumeration to date. . Something to look foward to especially to those looking for greener pasture and moving on to their corporate ladders… better ask for a higher salary grade now to match the benchmark above!

Average Annual Salary by Industry (U.S. Dollar) (2006-2007)

Country Industry
IT, Web & Telecom (ITWT) Government, Education and Health (GEH) Legal and Finance (LF) Media, Marketing & Sales (non-IT) (MMS) Mfg, Services and Others (non-IT) (MSO)
Hong Kong 42,422 58,368 66,352 51,841 42,871
India 15,259 9,003 11,647 14,681 10,245
Indonesia 10,959 9,479 11,581 11,440 12,008
Malaysia 16,099 21,299 16,002 19,156 16,324
Philippines 10,899 9,125 13,455 8,062 10,300
Singapore 39,782 43,206 49,782 38,999 41,264
Thailand 29,724 28,816 36,124 15,637 18,853

This was the salary figures of last year’s 2006-2007 survey. Notice the differences from last year’s survey. Interestingly enough, we see facts that all the respondents from the legal and financial sector commanded the highest average annual salaries among the various industries which is true for both the current and last year’s survey. (Now you got an idea where to apply to 8)!!!! hehe )

Reflections: Now, i’m thinking… are IT people in general really enjoying their fat paychecks? I don’t think so too, for those working in the Philippines, we know that even though that the current salary survey where higher based on the national standards, there is still this feeling of wanting to taste the greener pasture and we cannot deny this fact. With the depreciating effect of peso against the dollar, the sky rocketing oil prices and rice shortages, this only mean nothing but just breakeven to what we are receiving. How much more is the effect for those working in the non IT profession like the common household maids, the blue collar jobs , janitors, waiter, jeepney drivers? You would feel how unjust the world seemed to be. But in the end, everything boils to one’s personal priorities and needs in life. We are bound with a lot of choices. Planning for the future is the key. For a family man, the need to compensate the growing family is important hence that’s just what makes some fellow comrades rush into exodus for greener pasture – IT and non IT people leaving for countries like Singapore and Hongkong. ( See this related article from the previous post by following this link)

There is no doubt, at least for me, that i also consider working abroad. Just waiting for the perfect time and right opportunity as i also plan to take IT certification (for Oracle) to give true credits to my present credentials so i could demand for a fatter paychecks in the long run. (I urge everyone especially my fellow comrades to revalue their IT certification as this means something as we compete in the 1st world.) Just wish me luck! 8)

TechRONnati : My First 1000 Readers on Independence Day!

12 06 2008

Hi to all the readers of TechRONnati blog. Today marked my first 2 months of blogging =). Yippeee!!!! And i feel like im in ecstasy everytime my blog statistics is keep on rising. Today (June 12 2008 ) is such a memorable day for me because of 2 important reasons… One is that we celebrate today our Independence Day in Manila Philippines which coincidentally also marked my first 1000 interested readers of this blog! Let me grab this opportunity to thank all those readers who kept on visiting several times on my website. Please leave a message so i would know your presence =) or feel free to suggest anything for my blog… =) It sounds great that people are learning to trust your work, your written blog and you feel that inner sense of appreciation everytime you contribute something in the real world. Not to mention that i am also learning along the process of blogging which is great … and for that matter is becoming my addiction alongside with my current work. I am always learning something new on the process… like PHP, Admin functionalities, MySQL, CSS, HTML, web stuff, Ajax. WOW!! i can feel the adrenaline running through my veins =) Who knows what would happen in the next couple of months. This might be my bread and butter too =). Oh well .. pardon me with my exaggeration… i know this would take me a little while =)

I have more great things to do on this blog. As a double treat today, am planning to treat my blog to buy its own domain probably buy it today or tomorrow (am looking into or probably consider philippine web hosting with free domain? how about, or or Any idea? Maybe someone is kind enough to share their experience with me =). Been diligently researching for a better web hosting solutions around the market – Both International and Philippine Market. So this has been keeping me busy these days. More things to do as i polish my own web hosting account… planning to monetize my blog too in the long run, run down into page cosmetics and publicizing my blog …a lot of work related features to post and interesting topics to discuss…so keep on bookmarking me! I can’t help but feel excited =)

Again, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope i am bringing in new ideas, added information in this information age.

Keep me posted! And Happy Independence Day to all… especially to all my fellow Filipino comrades around the world. Proud to be Pinoy ! 8)

Tips On Saving YouTube Videos: Your Option!

11 06 2008

Whenever i am online and do blogging, i always do visit youtube site to stream and play my favorite videos …and been consistently doing this for the past several months now =) .. i guess am not addicted yet right? hehe.. So anyway, just got this computer trick and tip while browsing… you know ! There are several ways to download youtube videos: Pls read below for the various options:

Option 1: Getting the Youtube URL and using third party website

What i initially is this: I used to go to this free website : video clipnabber or keepvid.. copy and paste the source URL address from Youtube to clipnabber or keepvid site then press Nab Video or download button. It has an option to save the file in *.FLV file or *.MP4 File formats. Or you could follow the instructions here:

Option 2: Saving youtube from browsers cache

 I thought this was the easiest step i have to deal downloading the youtube files

This article tells your how to download videos, not only from YouTube, but also from other video sharing sites using Firefox. I’ll be considering only YouTube here, ok. The procedure will be the same for any streaming media. For Internet Explorer, basically its the same concept, you just need to get the file from the cache directory of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Anyhow here it goes…

Step 1: Go to YouTube website and play your favorite video you want to download.

Step 2: After the video has been loaded, open a new tab (Ctrl + T) or a new Firefox window and type

about:cachein the address bar.

Copy the location of the Cache Directory. (It’s different for everyone) .

Mine is in this path:

For FireFox:

C:\Documents and Settings\r8z\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profilesl1uh2qd.default \Cache

For Internet Explorer:

C:\Documents and Settings\r8z\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\[folder]

[folder] is the random folder where you think getvideo[1] file is located. getvideo[1] is generated in this folder, whenever youtube video is played in the Internet Explorer.

Note: r8z is different from computer to computer… but whats important is you look for the keywords Mozilla, FireFox in your Application Data Folder.

Step 3: Open the Run dialog box (Start -> Run), paste the path of the Cache Directory (Ctrl + V), and press enter. You’ll now see a list of files with weird names ;)

Step 4: Sort the files according to their size. The biggest file is most probably your video. Usually, the size of a 4-5 minute long video is around 7-20 MB.

Step 5: After you locate the largest file, copy it to some folder on your computer and give it an extension – .flv

You can play this using any player which supports FLV format. A good player is the Media Player Classic which is available with the K-Lite Codec Pack. You can also try FLV Player.

If you want to convert the flv to an avi file, you can download Free Flv to Avi Converter.

The best thing about this is this trick can actually be applied to any video sharing site. The only thing is that you have to give the correct extension (In youtube, it’s .flv) to the file.

Or you could view this youtube instructions … to better visualize what i am trying to say here…  


For combined instructions of both options 1 and 2, check this youtube video. Please note that same principle works for Internet Explorer. Its all about in the browser’s cache!!! 

I hope this works for you because this works for me!!!! Enjoy streaming youtube videos!!!!

Brought to you by:

TechRONnati =)


Akismet: 89% of Blog Comments are Spam

9 06 2008

I am pretty sure its not just me…. but from the time i started this blog 3 months ago (Unleashing the TechRONnati Spirit!) i am starting to feel those spammers coming into my blog! Tsk tsk tsk… not a good thing but i’ll get used to this eventually.

Thank goodness there’s Akismet which is short for: “Automattic Kismet” -> cool right? . It’s a blogging spam filter tool from wordpress. For those still unfamiliar, Akismet is an automated spam killer for blogging systems. Its a blog service which WordPress is currently using …for sure a lot of us who are into blogging and using WordPress…they are familiar with this. I can really attest to its effectiveness. Just today i just deleted more or less 50 spams comments on my blog.  This really works!!! I just dont know if other free blogging systems out there have something like this. Akismet works like this…. When a new comment, trackback, or pingback comes to your blog it is submitted to the Akismet web service which runs hundreds and thousands of tests on the comment and returns a thumbs up or thumbs down. Now,  based on the akismet help guide…

when the plugin catches something as spam it saves it in the database for 15 days in case you want to check it out manually and then automattically deletes it. In the unlikely event something gets incorrectly identified as spam you can correct it and it submits the “false positive” back to Akismet for analysis and improvement of the ystem. If a spam comment happens to get through and you mark it as spam within WordPress, it does the same thing. Akismet becomes more effective the more you use it.

In the last 3 years that Akismet has been running, it has already caught over 6,330,937,480 spam comments, trackbacks and pingbacks while only just over 6 Million legitimate comments got thru. Now that’s a BILLION Akismet Spam Messages!.  The numbers speaks for itself — 89% of blog comments are spam (and that’s just thru Akismet). How about other tools out there??  The figure was around 64% when it was beta-tested in October 2005. You can see the trend escalating every month and I think its not surprising if this figure closes in to almost 98% by end of the year 2008. Oh and by the way, that’s just from spam bots. How about real people trolling around blogs out there trying to get the latest tidbits of your blog updates? Check out Akismet’s Live Spam Zeitgeist Statistics. The figures are there!!!!

Live Spam Zeitgeist

6,330,937,480 spams caught so far (as of June 9, 2008  )

6,194,883 so far today (as of June 9, 2008 )

89% of all comments are spam (as of June 9, 2008 )

If you’re running Akismet and you see spam getting thru, don’t just delete them. Tag them as spam so Akismet will learn from its mistake.


See the the orange demographics above? They are all spams coming in to your blog!!!!! The blue once are legitimate sources/comments – known as HAM there in the image. (Not Bacon -ok.. hehe.. now am hungry!)

Please visit this youtube tutorial for the newbies, I am pretty sure, you will learn something from this.

Tips for Loading Multiple Yahoo Messenger

8 06 2008

I know a lot of guys and gals in here are also into Internet Chatting…probably the same age when  “Blogging” came into popularity….  same goes here =).  For some good reason, i maintain quite a number of various accounts with various IM tools out there.. mostly the popular once … i have MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk accounts but i always use my Yahoo Messenger everytime i chat with my friends, colleagues and family-relatives. The problem was I can’t log on into my 3 or 4 Yahoo Messenger accounts simultaneously if i wanted to. Since the YM Messenger software only allows one account to be used at one session you have to log off and relog in with another account. What if i want it done simultaneously? Good news!!!There’s a trick guys. I thought sharing this with you especially the newbies out there… or if you havent discovered it yet…please follow the procedure below.  

1. Click START on the leftmost bottom part of your page.

2. choose RUN

3. Type regedit

4. click OK or press enter

5. When the registry window appears, click the following on the registry tree (left side):


then: Software

then: yahoo

then: pager

then: Test

6. Go to the right side of the screen (under Default) then press the right button on your mouse (right click)

7. Choose DWORD value (press enter)

8. Rename it as Plural (capital P) (press enter)

9. Double click on Pural then put 1 as a value data. (Press enter)

10. Close the registry window


Now look for the yahoo messenger icon (mostly resides on the desktop) double click it until it opens another Yahoo Messenger! (wait till it opens)

I don’t know up to how many messnegers you can open at the same time. But hey I am not responsible if something goes wrong with your PC ok? I’ve tried this with WIndows XP Professional OS and Windows Vista Ultimate Edition and both worked.

If it doesn’t work the first time, try closing your yahoo messenger first then open it again. Sometimes refreshing the windows desktop is all you need to do to reflect the changes or you can reboot your PC if the problem still appears.

In addition, please do note that I’ve tried this using YM version 8 …not yet on version 9. Maybe someone is nice enough to share their experiences here =). For version 8 users, try and see for yourself or maybe post a feedback here if you’ve tried it on version 9. =)

Now i am able to do logging on to Yahoo Messenger with multiple accounts… This is nice especially if you want to chat with different circle of friends, family or officemates you have =)

You could also watch this video below for instructions, and step by step procedure (courtesy from Youtube.) Thanks for dropping by my page =) Enjoy Chatting!!!! Hit me back sometime if your Online =)


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